Our 1st Stage Member is

Debabrata Guha aka Come Before

A aspiring photographer from guwahati assam.

Debabrata Guha started taking photography seriously this year and is already showing signs to become a cool photographer. He loves taking photos of his friends and is currently looking to take more photography projects. We find his work very appealing with the kind of resources he has on his hand. Most of the time he is depending on the lights of his surroundings which makes his images come out natural. We love how he captures regular stuff. We wish him best of luck …keep doing what you are doing and we will keep looking forward to your improvements and cool images captured by your lens.


Check out his works. Links below


What is "The Stage"? How does it work?

The stage is skrull’s attempt to show some talent of india who are online. Every now and then we feature people who are doing great at what they are doing and really improving. Giving some boost and to encourage them to never give up. We basically feature any kind of talent but since we are artistic type of people our eyes automatically prefer them. But we will try our best for feature as many talents as we can.

We will only feature one talented people or group at a time in “THE STAGE” and they will be featured till we find some other fitting for “THE STAGE” but one will get the stage for minimum 1 week.

So, yeah can’t wait to see the talented works of amazing people.

How do I get featured on "The Stage"

Send your works & links to your site/social media page/social media  profile etc at [email protected] also don’t forget to share a bit of your story with us so we can share it with the gang.

If we like it and think you deserve it well you are in.

If not try sending your work again after some improvements later.

Why would I want to get featured? What's the benefit?

Right now…not much. But once we start getting followers we can redirect you to them. also whenever we feature on “The Stage” we also post the content to our social media handles. and as other businesses we also promote our social media pages to reach new potential customers so at the same time you are getting new audiences as well basically you are kind of getting a free promotion.

But honestly we don’t want to treat it like that..honestly we are trying to build our business as well as trying to build a community so we can push new talents to not give up on what they love.