Our Story

Skrull is a clothing brand from Guwahati Assam. It has started this year (2017) with a aim to provide products that are super cool and not mention elegant and affordable. We will try our best to bring variety of products and also some exclusive products.

I am sure you guys know where skrull name is taken from. If not..well its a fictional race from marvel comics. ( By the way when we decided to name our brand Skrull we didn’t know about that and after knowing we thought its cool ) Why skrull…no special reason…its just that the name sounds cool.

Right now skrull is really small…Also like every small business we take our customers opinion very seriously so feel free to contact us. give us feedback, suggestion we really need that in this stage and if you like us please help us promote skrull. That would be a huge help also if you purchase our products don’t forget to tag it with #Skrull_IN and make privacy public …so that we can find it and share it with our entire community at our official social media handles and if u want to promote some stuff you do..please feel free to msg us so we can link it…we know Indian youths are full of creativity and talent and talent should always reach large audience.

Honestly that was the main idea behind skrull. Promoting talented youths of india in Style. at the same time providing cool products that you can wear anywhere.

Well thats skrull. I hope you will like our products, like us and the last thing we want to add is we are open ok… feel free to msg us… think of us as first brand friend. I have always believed that money is very important and we don’t want to just serve the product and done. we think if you are supporting us and making us grow then we should also support you and make your work grow. no matter in how small way we can.

So yeh well I hope I made sense … which is very unusual for me… So I hope you will like our products, and yeh hope to serve you soon